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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is NovaNet unique among others that offer national network coverage?

A: NovaNet is both an owner of directly contracted networks and a national network manager of its proprietary affiliate network. NovaNet has almost 20 years of experience in providing national coverage.

Q: What is the process to access NovaNet nationally? How are the fees structured?

A: One contract with NovaNet provides access to NovaNet's directly contracted providers as well as its affiliate networks across the country. One single payment each month is remitted to NovaNet and NovaNet remits payment to each of its network affiliates. The fees are based on a PEPM (per employee per month) for group health and dental, and on a percentage of savings for workers' compensation, health travel/wrap and dental wrap.

Q: What is the advantage of using NovaNet versus its competitors?

A: NovaNet is a single source to access the best networks in the country. Often, NovaNet's competitors claim to offer comprehensive national coverage, but when detailed analysis is performed, no other networks offer the comprehensive coverage provided by NovaNet. NovaNet and each of its affiliate networks is the best in its service area, and these networks are local, so they have solid provider relationships and can perform client-specific recruiting when requested. In addition, NovaNet's customer service is responsive, fast and effective.

Q: What makes NovaNet's dental network different?

A: NovaNet offers access to three national dental networks: Aetna Dental Administrators, DenteMax and Connection Dental(PPO USA). Usually, these companies would be providing medical insurance coverage in order to gain access to their dental networks. Through NovaNet, clients can independently self-fund medical coverage and still have access to the best national dental networks.

Q: How does NovaNet's travel/wrap network function?

A: NovaNet's travel/wrap network can be used either as a network for members to use while outside of their primary service area or as a secondary network for claims found to be out-of-network in members' primary service area.

Q: What are the benefits of using NovaNetís dental wrap network?

A: NovaNetís dental wrap clients can access multiple national dental networks with no logo required on ID cards. The dental wrap product can be used for dental plans with no primary network, as well as those that have a primary network in place. On average, NovaNetís dental wrap clients gain additional penetration of 20% on top of primary network providers and experience savings of 25% to 30% off U&C charges.

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