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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I join the network?

A: Please click on and complete the provider nomination form. A NovaNet representative will be in contact soon to begin the application process.

Q: I need to check eligibility and benefits for a patient. - or - I need to confirm whether pre-certification is required for a service.

A: NovaNet is a PPO network, not a benefits administrator or claims payor. Please consult the member's identification card for the appropriate contact information.

Q: I need to check the status of a claim.

A: First, confirm the claim was sent to NovaNet. If so, please contact NovaNet's Claims Department at (770) 729-1997, option 6. If the claim was sent directly to the payor or to another network, please contact that payor or network for claim status information.

Q: How do I know whether a member is accessing NovaNet's network?

A: The NovaNet logo will be on the member's identification card and NovaNet will be identified as the discount source on the EOB (Explanation of Benefits). In cases where an affiliate network is being used, that affiliate network's name and logo will be displayed, along with the phrase "A NovaNet Affiliate."

Q: How do I know whether I am a participating dental provider?

A: If a provider is part of Aetna Dental Administrators and the Aetna Dental Administrators logo is on the member's identification card, then that provider is in network for that member. If a provider is part of Dental Health Alliance and the Dental Health Alliance logo is on the member's identification card, then that provider is in network for that member.

Q: If I am a participating provider in NovaNet's PPO network, am I automatically part of NovaNet's workers' compensation or travel/wrap networks?

A: No. To join NovaNet's workers' compensation network, an amendment to the provider's existing group health network agreement must be executed. NovaNet's travel/wrap network is operated separately from its other lines of business and has no relationship to its group health or workers' compensation networks.

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