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Provider... Collaborator... Partner

A Provider is one of the most important components of any healthcare delivery system. Without them, the system does not exist. NovaNet's providers are a collaborative link to developing solutions for today's issues, as well as tomorrow's challenges.

A partnership with NovaNet is valuable to a provider because NovaNet is locally owned and operated, understands the dynamics of local market areas and offers superior service to its providers.

With a client base that includes insurance companies, Third Party Administrators, ASOs, and regional and national self-insured employers, NovaNet gives its providers access to a large number of patients.

How to Identify a NovaNet Member
A member's ID card will have the following information:
  • NovaNet Logo
  • Claims address
  • Payor or NovaNet EDI number where applicable
  • 800 number for Customer Service
  • Claims Verification Phone Number
  • Eligibility Phone Number
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