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NovaNet was founded in 1994 to participate in the rapid evolution of healthcare moving from traditional fee-for-service to a managed care environment.

It began by providing statewide coverage in Georgia, Alabama, and parts of Florida. NovaNet then developed an affiliation network delivery system that now extends to all 50 states. Each of its Affiliates is the very best in their particular state in terms of coverage and providers of choice.

NovaNet is now expanding its directly contracted network to include Tennessee and South Carolina. The NovaNet national delivery system provides clients with the ability to work with a single source for PPO plan coverage.

NovaNet is committed to the development, management and growth of networks comprised of high-quality, cost-effective providers.

The Georgia Network...
  • 5,100+ Primary Care Physician Locations
  • 16,000+ Specialty Physician Locations
  • 180 Hospitals
  • 1,700+ Ancillary Provider Locations
The Alabama Network...
  • 2,400+ Primary Care Physician Locations
  • 5,900+ Specialty Physician Locations
  • 134 Hospitals
  • 650+ Ancillary Provider Locations
The Tennessee Network...
  • 5,500+ Primary Care Physician Locations
  • 22,000+ Specialty Physician Locations
  • 148 Hospitals
  • 1,700+ Ancillary Provider Locations
The North Florida Network...
  • 600+ Primary Care Physician Locations
  • 2,900 + Specialty Physician Locations
  • 28 Hospitals
  • 1,650+ Ancillary Provider Locations

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NovaNet also provides discounted access to a national transplant network, INTERLINK Health Services.

The INTERLINK Transplant Network is a national network and an established leader in the transplant network industry, often referred to as being one of the most used and respected transplant networks in the United States.

To learn more, please visit InterLink Health Services' website. Please be sure to enter NovaNet's Source Tracking Number SNN-Z1-997 on InterLink's "Notice of Potential Transplant Form" to receive NovaNet's discounted rates.

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